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indonesia aGII Asosiasi Gas Industri Indonesia

The Indonesia Industrial Gases Association (AGII) was established by the leading industrial gases companies operating in Indonesia i.e. BOC/LINDE, Air Liquide, Air Products, Samator and Aneka Gas.

AGII is technical and safety focused and brings together the national industrial gases associations in Indonesia with the objective to raise the standard of safety and environmental care across the nation in the use and handling of industrial gases.

AGII is registered as a non-profit society based in Indonesia. It aims to foster the exchange of technical information among its members in the safe handling and use of industrial, specialty and medical gases, and to have close liaison with national authorities, in order to work towards the highest level of safety and environmental.

Organizing Committee

Bp. Arief Harsono

Ketua Umum AGII

Pas Foto Afdal

Bp. Afdal Marda

Sekretaris Jenderal AGII

Ibu Luciana Tania

Bendahara AGII

Bp. Phajar Hadiwibowo

Ketua Bidang Safety AGIII

Bp. Yedi Agustina

Ketua Bidang Teknologi AGII


Bp. Maulana Himawan

Ketua Bidang Pendanaan AGII

Bp. Febriansyah Putra

Ketua Bidang Informasi & Komunikasi AGII

Steering Committee

Marloes Moerman-MD Alindo

Ibu Marloes Moerman

Presiden Direktur PT. Air Liquide Indonesia

SC Triwidio

Bp. Triwidio Pramono

Presiden Direktur PT. Air Products Indonesia

Foto Pak Rachmat Harsono_SC Member PT AGI_Resize

Bp. Rachmat Harsono

Presiden Direktur PT. Aneka Gas Industri Tbk

Marcus Tan

Bp. Marcus Tan

Presiden Direktur PT. Linde Indonesia

Bp. Ferryawan Utomo

Direktur PT. Samator Gas

Pengurus Pusat Asosiasi Gas Industri Indonesia (AGII) 2018 - 2023

Dewan pembina

Dewan Pembina

1. Heyzer Harsono
2. Bing Soekianto
3. Handoko Taniwidjojo
4. Ferryawan Utomo
5. Agus Purnomo

Dewan Pembina

Periode 2018-2023

Dewan ketua

Dewan ketua

Ketua Umum : Arief Harsono
Ketua I Bidang K-3 : Phajar Hadiwibowo
Ketua II Bidang Organisasi, Informasi dan Komunikasi : Febriansyah Putra
Ketua III Bidang Teknologi : Yedi Agustina
Ketua IV Bidang Pendanaan : Maulana Himawan

Dewan Ketua

Periode 2018 - 2023

Sekretaris & bendahara

Sekretaris & Bendahara

Sekretaris Umum : Afdal Marda
Wakil Sekretaris Umum : Sukanto Sutarman & Suci Ayunda
Bendahara Umum : Luciana Tania
Wakil Bendahara Umum : Eta Suprihadi

Sekretaris & Bendahara

Periode 2018 - 2023


steering committee

1. Marcus Tan PT. Linde Indonesia
2. Triwidio Pramono PT. Air Products Indonesia
3. Marloes Moerman PT. Air Liquide Indonesia
4. Rachmat Harsono PT. Aneka Gas Industri Tbk
5. Ferryawan Utomo PT. Samator Gas

steering committee

Periode 2018 - 2023

work party

working party

1. Safety Advisory : Andita Huda | Indra Perdana | Eddy Supardi
2. Technical Committee : Agoeng Hari Moeljono | Achmad Sururi | Erwin Rismawan
3. Org & HR : Dewi Perwitasari | Budhi Liman | Elnissi Siahaan

working party

Periode 2018 - 2023

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